The Soviet Superpower
Ships, Vehicles, and Artillery

Welcome to the vehicles of the Soviet Superpower.  In this section you will find a variety of vehicles that were employed by the Soviet Union during the height of its power.  

Each vehicle description is accompanied by original photographs, technical specifications, and a full description.  We have tried to focus of the history of each vehicle's development, its capabilities and limitations, and where they have been used in combat.

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New Ground Vehicles

New Tanks, Guns, and Artillery New Trucks and Missile Launchers

Older Tanks, Trucks and Artillery In Service

Older Missile Systems In Service


New Fighters and Bombers New Helicopters and Cargo Planes
Older Aircraft Still In Service



Naval Vessels
New Ships New Submarines
Older Ships Still In Service Older Submarines Still In Service


Earlier Period Vehicles

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Later Period Vehicles