M-1943 (D-1)
152mm Howitzer

M-1943 (D-1) 152mm Gun-Howitzer

Designer -  F.F. Petrov design bureau


Artillery Plant #9 at Sverdlovsk



Year Adopted:


Weight (in firing order):

3600 kg

7936 lbs

Operational Status:

Russia/CIS - Still in use (production complete).

Other Nations - Afghanistan, Albania, China, East Germany, Ethiopia, Hungary, Iraq, Mongolia, Mozambique, Poland, Syria, and Vietnam.


152mm Main Gun

Recoil System:
Hydraulic recoil buffer and hydro-pneumatic recuperator

Weapon Range (HE maximum):

12,400 meters

7.7 miles
Sustained Rate of Fire: 4 rounds per minute
Gun Crew: 7 men

Length (traveling):

7.55 meters

24 feet, 9 inches
Width (traveling): 1.99 meters 6 feet, 6 inches
Height (traveling): 1.85 meters 6 feet, 1 inch
Barrel Length (overall): 4.2 meters 13 feet, 9 inches

Total Traverse:

35 degrees


-3 to +63.5 degrees

Common Towing Vehicles:
          (Later Period)

Ural-375 (6 x 6) Truck
ZIL-131 (6 x 6) Truck
ZIL-157 (6 x 6) Truck


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