Moma Class / Project 861
Intelligence Gathering Ships


This section is dedicated to pictures of the 'Moma' class intelligence collection and hydrographic survey ships.  Our pictures are all authentic and were taken at some time when the ship was in active service, and usually by the United States navy.  We will add more photographs as they are acquired, but until then, will do our best with what we have.


A view of a Moma from the air

This picture was taken on 12 March 1991 by a United States carrier based aircraft.  The ship in the picture is a Moma type with the hull number AGI-474.  The location of the ship at the time of the photograph was not mentioned.


A close up picture set of the Ribachiy

The Ribachiy was a special variant of the Moma class used for oceanographic research.  It can be distinguished from other Moma class ships in that it has its deckhouse forward and has no crane.  The ship is also rather heavily armed compared to other Moma class ships.  It carries four machine guns and carries double the usual number of SA-N-5 anti-air missiles.  The two pictures here were taken by the US Navy on 13 August 1990, but no location was given in the photograph descriptions.


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