BTR-60 Armored Personnel Carrier
in Pictures

A pair of BTR-60PA armored personnel carriers fording a river with dismounted infantry.

This section is dedicated to pictures of the BTR-60 armored personnel carrier.  They will focus on all aspects of the vehicle in Soviet and foreign service.  All of these photographs come from the Sword of the Motherland Foundation's private collection.

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BTR's on the road

Here you can see a pair of BTR-60 armored personnel carriers in convoy.  This picture shows details such as tire tread patterns and hatch and handrail positions.  It is from a Soviet source and no location or date was given with the photograph.



A soldier being awarded near his BTR

In this picture you can see an officer presenting a Gramotka (award) to an enlisted soldier in the field near his BTR-60PU (command vehicle).  The soldier being awarded the Gramotka is wearing a winter field uniform and the padded winter jacket.  The use of the camouflage jacket by the officer indicates that the photograph took place after the uniform regulations of 1985 took effect.



BTR's dismounting from an amphibious assault ship.

Here you can see two BTR-60's (most likely belonging to the Naval Infantry) driving onto a beach directly from a Soviet amphibious assault ship.  No date or location was given with the Soviet era picture.


A BTR-60 convoy

A platoon of four BTR-60's can be seen here on a wet dirt road.  On the lead vehicle many small details can be seen: lighting systems, the main hatch, and other small features.  The tread pattern on the tires can also be clearly seen here.



BTR's fording a river

In this photograph you can see a pair of BTR-60's making use of their amphibious capability by conducting a river crossing.  Several soldiers can be seen to understand the scale of the vehicle.  The tree branches attached to the hull of the BTR-60 are an attempt to break up the silhouette of the vehicle.



The BTR-60 in winter

Here you can see a pair of BTR-60PA armored personnel carriers while on winter maneuvers.  Many small details such as the hand rails and steps for entering the rear of the vehicle.  Tire tread details, the interior of the passenger hatch, and the front light arrays can also be seen.



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